Karalee Enterprises is the Australian Importer of Premium Quality Castellari Pruning Tools Manufactured in Italy.
Our range includes Hand Secateurs, Loppers, Pneumatic Secateurs, Electric Olive Harvesters.  Silky Pruning Saws are made in Japan and are a World leader in pruning saw technology.
Spare parts are readily available for all Castellari and Silky product make these tools fully re-buildable.

Castellari Secateurs  include Curved anvil and Twin cutting blade models.

BREV: Unique curved blade anvil secateursa, with scalloped cutting blade, lightweight, extremely smooth cutting action with minimum effort.  Anvil secateurs are excellent orchard secateurs suited to a wide range of work from fine to thick cuts.

B12: Unusual two cutting blade, tapered one side, flat on the other side. Designed for olives and de-budding applications.

Model: BREV
Cuts:        26 mm
Weighs:  210 g

Model: B12

Cuts:        28 mm
Weighs:   235

Model: BREV Ergo
Cuts:        26 mm
Weighs:   210 g

Model: 301 Snip

Short Rounded Tip, 25mm Curved Blade.
Ideal for harvesting and de-budding.

Pneumatic Twin Piston secateur with Curved Anvil blade.  Very powerful & extreme smooth cutting action, with no jarring. Suitable for orchards or Vineyards.
Cuts:                       28mm
Weighs:                 560 g
Hand Diameter:  40mm

Castellari TUCANO Loppers are the best in their class. The double pivot torque multiplier ensures low effort cutting and the lightweight ensures low fatigue for Commercial users.

Anvil style loppers with high quality steel cutting blade (58 Rockwell hardness), aluminum alloy counter blade for reduced cutting blade wear and good strength. Loppers are lightweight for continuous use.
Giraffa extended reach lopper is ideal for seed collecting & tree pruning in Orchards & forestry

Tucano M60 & M80
Cuts:        40 & 45 mm
Weighs:   0.8  & 1.05 kg
Length:    60 & 80 cm

Tucano M60 & M80
M80 cutting head


Tucano BP60 & BP80
Cuts:        30 & 30 mm
Weighs:   0.8  & 1.0 kg
Length:    60 & 80 cm

Tucano BP 60 & 80
Tucano BP cutting head

TI BREV60 & 80
Cuts:        40 &  45 mm
Weighs:   0.85  & 1.05 kg
Length:    60 & 80 cm

Tucano TIBREV 60 & 80
TIBREV 80 cutting head

Model: Giraffa 160

Cuts:        22mm
Weighs:   1.05 kg
Length:    1.60 m

Giraffa 160 & 200
Giraffa cutting head

Silky Saws is a Japanese specialist saw manufacturer producing a range of folding and pistol grip saws. Silky is a world leader in pruning saw technology. Their saws are well balanced with weighted handle and an extremely smooth cutting action. With rubberized grips these Silky saw are safe to use in dampconditions.
Replacement blade are readily available of all our Silky Saws.

"Silky by Name - Silky by Nature"

Silky Folding Saws have a positive lock with a second cutting position ideal for under cutting

Silky Pistol Grip Saws have cutting blades that extend through the handle giving them an excellent balance and feel. They come with a sheath.

Castellari Olivance 12 volt Olive Harvester is designed for smaller groves and harvesting the olives left behind by large mechanical harvesters in larger groves. It has a telescopic pole and the fingers operates at up to 1250 beats per minutes. It is supplied with a 15 m lead.
A 60 A/h battery will allow it to be used for an entire working day (8 hours).

Weighs:     2.5 kg
Length:      1.5 to 2.2 m

PocketBoy Red       & PocketBoy Black
Use: Orchard/Trees       Vineyards
Blade Length:       170 mmTooth Pitch:   8/30mm  &  10 /30mm

Super Accel
Use: Orchard/Trees       Vineyards
Blade Length:     210 mm
Tooth Pitch:       8/30mm  &  10 /30mm

Gomtaro - Straight blade saws
Use: Orchard/Trees     
Blade Length:     180  & 210  mm
Tooth Pitch:        8/30mm

Zubat - Curved blade saws
Use: Orchard/Trees     
Blade Length:  240  /300   /330 mm
Tooth Pitch:      7.5/30mm